Summer Activities For Thrill Seekers In St. Louis

Summer is right around the corner and there’s nothing like being adventurous in St.Louis! If you’re looking to get an adrenaline buzz, St. Louis offers plenty to satisfy your thrill-seeking need!

River Road Watersports: Dive into two of the nation’s largest rivers right here in St. Louis area! Jump the waves in the choppy Mississippi water or motor up the Illinois River to enjoy a smooth exhilarating ride, pushing your watercraft to the max. Explore more here.

Gateway Skydiving Center: This can definitely be the biggest thrill of a lifetime! If you always wanted to skydive, then the time is now to book your next adventure! This is an experience you will never forget! Explore more here.

TreeTop Adventure: Want to explore your inner Tarzan? What better way to let loose by swinging through tree tops and zipping across the canopy! Discover what you’re made of during their Go Ape Program. Explore more here.

Y-Kiki Divers: Always wanted to go scuba diving? You can learn how to dive, right here in St. Louis, so you’re ready for your next ocean side vacation. Explore more here.

St. Charles Flying Services Inc: Fly high in the Midwestern skies. You’ll get superior training from highly-trained instructors in a friendly, professional environment. Explore more here.

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