Is RV Travel Really Cheaper Than Other Vacationing Options?

Is recreational vehicle (RV) travel really less expensive than a flight and lodging accommodations? Can a family of four or even a pair of travelers save via an RV versus other vacationing (i.e. renting a condo, bed and breakfast)?
The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association ( commissioned PKF Consulting USA to evaluate the cost of family vacations with and without a RV.
RV travel Vs. Other Forms of Vacationing Costs
RVIA’s vacation assessment compared several factors: airline travel, hotel stay, property rental  and dining. PKF’s findings also calculated the cost of owning an RV along with fluctuating fuel costs
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The consulting company compiled the most popular destinations  across the the US to calculate the cost difference (in example: Napa CA, Branson, MO; the Grand Canyon, Cape Cod, MA, Traverse City, MI, Orlando, FL, Napa, CA, Lancaster, PA to Yellowstone National Park.
The PFK Consulting also reviewed the savings cost involving a variety of RV types. fifth wheels, toy haulers, folding camping trailers, lightweight travel trailers, compact motorhomes, Type C motorhomes, and Type A motorhomes.
The RV reports’ findings:
  • Couples, traveling without children saved a range of 11 to 46 percent, depending on the destination.
RVIA president Richard Coon said: “With the opportunity for frequent getaways to spend quality time outdoors with family and friends, RV ownership is a great value.”
  • Summer travel costs an average $1,145 per person (Source: American Express 2013)
  • A family of four spends approximately, $4,600 for a week long getaway (by plane) Source:

FACTOID: The U.S. recreational vehicle industry comprises some 400 manufacturers and component suppliers (alone). This doesn’t even include RV dealerships across America.

  • For luxury getaways, owners of Class A motorhomes conserve more than 40 percent compared to first class air and hotel accommodations.

Examples of Affordable RV Travel
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