Creating an RV Travel Emergency Kit

RV travel ER kits

Smart RV travelers always cruise with a back up plan: RV travel emergency ktis

Recreational vehicle  (RV) travelers  experience their share of urgent situations. RV travel is not immune to floods, tornadoes, and other unplanned scenarios. Whether it’s a flat tire, a fire in the kitchen or a flesh wound, recreation vehicle owners should always have an emergency supply kit on hand.

“A well stocked emergency kit includes a variety of items not often needed on a typical vacation,” shares a sales associate at the St. Louis RV dealership,

Here’s what to pack in the RV Travel Emergency Kit:

Recreational vehicle (RV) emergency kits contain many of the items stored in a household and vehicle emergency kits.

  • H2O

In the event that your motor home’s water heater melts down, or the water supply is depleted, it’s a good idea to have at least (more…)

RV Dealership Cites Headlines in Motorhomes and RV Sales

rv dealerships

RV Dealership in St. Louis Reviews Latest RV News

The ARVC Endeavors to Outline Potential New RV Camping Regulations

In an effort to educate and inform legislators of issues facing campsite, owners and recreational parks, the National Association of RV Park Campgrounds (ARVC) has recommended changes in some of  the current regulations. In particular, guidelines focus on transient park guests, who try to use campgrounds as a permanent resident. The ARVC is proposing to improve special mobility for the physically challenged, as well. The ARVC also suggests that the National Fire Protection (NFPA) institute specific guidelines to mandate that parks have written laws.

NHTSA Imposes Fine on Forest River

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a hefty fine to recreational vehicle (more…)

RV Travel Data Points + RV Care by Numbers

rv dealershipsWhat’s the distance from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport? How many miles before an RV owner should check the propane tank? What is the mileage from Missouri to CA on Route 66? From RV care to traveling around Missouri, a preferred St. Louis RV dealership provides the following RV travel facts.

  • 13

There are 13 state parks in Missouri to reserve lodging reservations

  • 11

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is 11-miles northwest of downtown Saint Louis.

  • 1698

Route 66 distance in miles from St. Louis Route 66 and the end point in in Glendora CA LA stretches some 1698 miles (or some 23 hours and 56 minutes of driving (Source

  • 30

The process of weighing a motor home or RV, should not take more than 30 minutes.

  • 630

Height from the surface of the ground in Saint Louis to the Gateway Arch is 630 feet.

  • 2900

Missouri state parks are (more…)

Owning an RV: What to Know About RV Tire Replacements

RV tire replacement

Brand new motor homes don’t need an RV tire replacement,” says MO RV dealer’s mechanic.

RV tires are not included under a motor home’s warranty policy. A certified mechanic  of a MO RV dealer fields questions on RV tires and RV tire replacements.Whether you own or plan to buy an RV,  here’s what to know about tire care,  warranties and replacements.

  • What does an RV tire warranty include?

Most RV tire manufacturers, (i.e. Goodyear) cover weather  during the first four to five years or within a specified mileage.

  • Why are RV tires so important? 

Because wheels have to carry the load and drive long distances, RV tires are prone to wear and tear.

  • How often should RV owners check tires?

RV tires require ongoing inspections to ensure safe trips. Overtime,  tires lose pressure and wheel lugs become loose. Always check the tires prior to journeying on the road. Observe or check RV tires to assure that all wheel lugs are tight and  the pressure is compliant with the RV tire manufacturers recommendations.

  • How can RV owners protect tires from weather damage?

Shading the tires and or covering reduces tire sidewalls from cracking.

When Are RV Tire Replacements Necessary?

How often an RV is driven, the manner in which it is store, and the quality of the sidewalls all affect the need for RV tire replacements.. A motor home loaded with extra weight six months can ruin the tires. Sun exposure and excessive applications with cleaning chemicals (alcohol and bleach) promote cracks in the side walls.

  • Is it necessary to replace all RV tires, if only one tire goes bad?

Tire size, alignment and balance affect an RV’s performance. Various sized RV tires accelerate (more…)

What’s the Going Price of New Travel Trailers for Sale?

“You can buy a brand new travel trailer, starting from $11,000.00 at St. Louis RV. Toy haulers and travel trailers for sale range, anywhere in price, from $11 K to $79 K, depending on the make, model, and  construction quality–you require,” admits a sales consultant at St. Louis RV.

travel trailers for saile

Travel trailers for sale start from $11 K at

Travel Trailers Under $18,000

A brand new Starcraft Ar-One 18QB glistens with value. This travel trailer for sale is priced just above $11 K. With A sleeping capacity of three, overhead cargo space a full bathroom, a mini-sized kitchen and a host of other features,  this camper suits budgets of $18 K and under. (Also includes a microwave, sleeps three, a three wardrobe closets,  a dinette that morphs into an “L” shaped-sofa).

About Travel Trailers for Sale: Priced $19 K – $29 K

Plenty of manufacturers and travel trailer prices vary from $19,000 and $29,000. are on sale at RV dealerships in Missouri. A moderate sized dinette, kitchen and entertainment space are usually included in travel trailers.  The most popular travel trailer makers are HeartlandStarcraft, and Forest River.

The 2015 Livin Lite Quick Silver VRV cruises in the best of both worlds: as a camper and a cargo trailer. With a GVWR of 7000 pounds, those needing to (more…)

How an RV Dealer in St. Louis MO Shuttles Varied Amenities?

RV dealer in St. Louis Missour is the premier RV dealer in St. Louis Missouri

As for renting, repairing, and selling recreational vehicles (RVs) in St. Louis Missouri, one dealership has it covered. St. Louis RV, Bus and Rental shuttles numerous services, including- but not limited to buying and selling quality RVs.

A Seller’s Alternative: to Selling a Preowned RV

“Private RV sales or for sale by owner transactions consume a lot of showings, time and a potential crime risk. We save sellers the time coordinating test drive schedules, haggling and encountering potentially unsavory buyers,” acknowledges the Internet marketing manager of the company.

Whether customers are selling or upgrading to a new RV, St.Louis RV manages all the details involved in the transaction.  From the RV inspection, mechanical tweaks to selling the RV, Saint Louis RV has years of success in selling new and used RVs.


RV Detailing, Body and Paint in Missouri

Body repair, paint

Body repair, paint

Recreational vehicle owners often prepare for the upcoming travel season by scheduling annual maintenance at The RV dealer’s paint and body shop amenities cover the gamut (including include body painting, detailing, removing dents, etc.).

During the off peak travel season, RV (more…)

15 Vital Questions to Ask Before Buying an RV

If you’re buying an RV, there are 15-vital questions to ask and know before you buy an RV. Bookmark these questions.

  • 1) What is the motor home load limit?

Remember when shopping for an RV that the the load limit of a motor home includes both occupancy and cargo weight.

  • 2) What is the length of the motor home? In certain states, recreational vehicles exceeding a specific foot limitation (more…)

Finding the Best Used RVs in St. Louis

used RV in St. Louis

Find and buy affordable use RVs in St. Louis like this Winnebago.

If you’re looking for a specific new or used RV in St. Louis, hundreds of RV buyers  have been successful with one dealership  known for providing the best service in Missouri.

  1. Based on the RV dealership’s social media followers (i.e. Facebook), 99.5 percent of StLRV customers are happy campers.

Three-Steps to Finding Nice Used RVs

in St. Louis

Here’s how hundreds and hundreds of satisfied RV owners scored deals on their investment in used RVs in St. Louis.

Three ways to find an exact motor home match

Begin the quest for a quality used RV by shopping at an RV dealership, where there is an inspection process. For instance, all the RVs on sale at have to pass a 63-point inspection before being sold among the sales center’s new and used RV inventory.  

1) As soon as you find an RV dealership offering quality used RVs, plunge in with  (more…)

How to Conduct a Thorough RV Virtual Tour?


RV virtual tours perform like movie trailers–in that all details are not on display. A sales consultant of a popular St. Louis RV sales center says, “Even though virtual RV tours expedite the process of shopping around for a recreational vehicle (RV), you really need to itemize a wish list.”

Answers to Discover During Virtual RV Tours

There’s a variety of buying considerations to weigh. Identifying a few of your essential needs will help develop the profile of your ideal RV.  Before entering the world of virtual RV tours, answer a few questions specific to your ideal motor home or RV.

  • How do you plan to use the motor home? Will you use your RV for camping, vacationing or both?
  • Do you prefer high-end finishes? Do you require more space for entertaining and relaxing after a long day on the road?
    If you’re camping  you may prefer cloth amenities over luxury finishes.

For instance, leather seats may not be necessary for an RV being used for camping.

  • Will you be towing a boat, trailer or another vehicle?

If you know the weight of the car or whatever you plan to haul, you might want to visit RV virtual tours, where the motorhome meets a specific GVWR.

  • What are the specs of the chassis?

“On most motor homes, there are specific trailer towing limitations.The gross combination weight rating determines the RV’s hitch rating or capacity. Evaluate the weight limitations. For instance, the Gross Vehicle Weight (more…)

Which Motor Homes Are Ready for RV Camping?

Travel trailer RV camping

O No wood allowed: Brand new travel trailer kindles comfort with propane burning fireplace

This RV camping season beckons all outdoor enthusiasts to explore America’s wonders of nature. Travel trailers, toy haulers and Class C motor homes suit, those looking to lighten the load or tow a few toys to the campgrounds.Based on demand and the inventory at RV dealership,, these motor homes are ready for  your next RV camping trip.

HGTV magazine recently featured some of the most coveted motorhomes, travel trailers and toy haulers to start planning an RV camping road trip.  A brand new 2015 Starcraft Autumn Ridge travel trailer (as shown in image 1 was featured in HGTV) arrives ready for RV camping,–even when the weather is uncooperative.

Travel trailers happen to make a hot buy. Housing many of the comforts of home, including a roving garage, these flexible RVs are designated for adventure.There’s no need to gather wood on those chilly, rainy nights at the campsite.

Most RV dealerships feature new and used travel trailers, starting as low as $4000 up to $40 K.

Whether it’s the Harley, kayak or other much needed trappings, this 2014 Doolittle Cargo Trailer Bullitt Series allows for protected toy hauling.

toy hauler for RV camping

Haul all your toys on your next RV camping adventure.

Need a vacation vessel, large enough to accommodate a twosome? Want to roll without the weight requirements associated with Class A motorized vehicle? Class C motorhomes afford a convenient medium between a Class A RV and a travel trailer. (New and used Class C motorhome prices vary by manufacturer, appliances and design.)

At most RV dealerships, new Class C motor homes start at (more…)