Rent an RV on Game Day in St. Louis

rent an RV St. Louis

Rent an RV or travel trailer like this 2014 Livin Lite Game day Tailgate

In St. Louis, MO, game day and other outings are generally a big deal. Coordinating comfort and basic logistics proves challenging for any group of six  or more. But for any local resident or visitor with a drivers license and credit card, renting an RV drives simplicity on game day.

Recognizing a demand for hassle-free travel, luxurious tailgating, StLRV is making game day an indelible experience. Fans peruse motorhiome and travel trailer blueprints.

*Come in, tour or even test drive one of our RV rentals,* welcomes a  customer service representative of the St. RV dealer.

The problem for most office parties, client outings and other big groups is transporting everyone to the game.

Yet, renting an RV alleviates any parking hassles coupled with drinking responsibly. At the home of the St. Louis Cardinals, Rams, and Blues, parking is available for motorhomes, RVs and Tailgating vehicles.

How to Rent an RV in St. Louis

With an RV rental, (more…)

St. Louis RV Sales Consultant Fields Frequently Asked Questions

At St.,  St. Louis RV sales consultants frequently answer the following questions. The transcripts highlight
What best describes your inventory?

St. Louis RV Sales Consultant: Our inventory includes everything from a Class A to Class C motorhomes, travel trailers, pop ups, toy haulers, Chassis, and shuttle buses, and other recreational vehicles.

What factors influence buying an RV?
St. Louis RV Sales Consultant: Buying an RV is subjective. It depends on how the owner plans to use the RV. If one plans to bring bikes, ATVs or a motorcycle, a toy hauler is the best option. For motorists, who own
a pick up truck with ample torque, a resilient power train and horsepower, a travel trailer is an option. Motorhomes suit the full-time to part time RV dweller.

What other services does provide?



10-Facts to Know About Toy Haulers for Sale

Toy haulers for sale

St Louis RV has dozens of toy haulers for sale.

Market research indicates that toy haulers remain a popular choice in the recreational vehicle (RV) industry. Nominal maintenance requirements, easy to transport and convenient for outdoor enthusiasts, toy haulers afford a slew of advantages over a motorhome.

  • There are four types of toy haulers. These include a fifth (5th) wheel, travel trailer, and/or a tent trailer.

Among the leading RV dealers St. Louis, new and used toy haulers for sale come with hassle-free financing.

  • Toy haulers store ample space to port an ATV, family bicycles, kayak, etcetera.
  • Moreover, many of the toy haulers at are available with  a loading ramp.
  • Toy haulers are engineered to manage additional weight to accommodate a durable frame and extra suspension. Most toy haulers for sale can either be a travel trailer or fifth wheel that has been modified to handle the additional weight by incorporating a stronger frame with added suspension.
  • At new or used RV dealerships–toy hauler prices vary from $20,000 to $100,000. At RV dealers St. Louis new and used toy haulers for sale start at $22.5 K.

    RV dealers St. Louis

    2009 Forest River WORK & PLAY 30FS

  • On new toy haulers or fifth wheels for sale, slide outs make for a remarkable upgrade, expanding interior living space.
  • Toy haulers range in length, between 20 and 40 feet long.

“If you plan to transport outdoor equipment, measure the cargo area. Also, make sure the toy hauler has adequate capacity for everyone to spread out and relax.” recommends the general manager from the RV dealers St. Louis

  • With the investment in a motorhome, insurance costs are pricier than that of a toy hauler.
  • Exterior construction, cargo and living space are the most important features to inspect and compare when shopping for a toy hauler.
  • Optional, some toy hauler owners, convert the cargo space into another entertainment area.

Compare these new and used toy haulers for sale here>:


RV St. Louis Dealer Shares How to Buy an RV

how to buy an RV

2015 Forest River Cross Country 404 RB on sale at RV Dealership

Shopping for a new or used motor home is often more daunting than buying  a vehicle. Because RVs encompass the motorhome’s mechanics and living arrangements, many consumers become overwhelmed in how to buy an RV.  Among RV St. Louis dealers, garners a reputation for selling the best new and used RVs, toy haulers, fifth wheels trailers, Class A and B motor home inventory.

How one plans to use a motor home influences what type of RV  to buy.

Determine the motorhome or RV budget. “Used RVs and motorhomes start at about $20,000. So, your budget should account for a downpayment, insurance costs, fuel and maintenance (winterization, oil changes, tire replacements, etc.),” acknowledges a financial specialist of the RV St. Louis dealership.

“Be sure to compare motor home prices, based on  fueling specifications—evaluating the price difference between diesel and  gas,” advises an RV sales consultant at RV. St. Louis.

How to Buy an RV – -that Suits You?

Buying an RV is subjective to each buyer’s budget, excursion requirements and personal preferences. Refer to this overview to help identify which motorhome is ideal for your travel and transportation needs:

fifth wheel

fifth wheel

1) A permanent living arrangement calls for (more…)

RV Dealership: Getting Along at RV Campgrounds + Park

Rest Stops + rv parking

“For low stress camping, always observe the RV Campgournds aand park’s regulations,

St. Louis RV Offer Campground Etiquette Just as some American communities have an unspoken rule on accepted behavior or decorum, campgrounds do to0.

A consummate camper from the preferred RV dealership in St. Louis says: “A considerate camper is a happy camper.”

Employ fire safety.

Build a manageable sized campfire, using wood, newspaper and non-burnable goods (chairs, water bottles, aluminum cans, etc). Never ever leave a fire burning campfire unattended. (Observe the RV parks guidelines on building and extinguishing campsites).

Keep a tidy campsite. Just as one would not litter their own backyard, the same is expected on the campgrounds. More importantly, (more…)

RV Dealership Celebrates Annual Fall RV Show & Sale

Buying an RV on a Deep Discount

St. Louis RV Parks

If you plan to buy an RV, add this event to the fall schedule.

As St. Louis RV dealership celebrates the 25th annual fall RV show and sale event, deal seekers are rest assured to secure a real bargain. From September 5th through the 7th, the preferred dealership is driving hundreds of bargains.

RV dealership buy

Check out the inventory at America’s preferred RV dealership.

Why this is the event of the year?
at type This is the event of the year, for anyone, who has been looking for a (more…)

Which RV Clubs Missouri Are Easy to Join?

RV Clubs Missouri

An RV Clubs Missouri membership is not a requirement to buy RVs at

Membership has its benefits, especially among RV clubs in Missouri. Being an owner of a motorhome, fifth wheel or other recreational vehicle (RV) offers a very social mode of vacationing. Most RV Clubs Missouri are renowned for the comradeship that comes with joining a motorhome club.

One of the most popular RV clubs Missouri is the MizzouRVClub. RV club are all about connecting with other Mizzou sports fans and cool members, who appreciate the RV lifestyle.

The Missouri State Campers Association (MSCA)  is affiliated with the international nonprofit family camping organization–Family Campers and RVers (FCRV). Members come from all camping gear styles (RV homes, motor homes, pop up tents, fifth wheelers, trailers and toy haulers).  At nationally, regionally or locally sponsored events, various RV clubs Missouri camp together to maintain a steadfast fellowship of the RV club.

Whether you’re an RV Club member or not, (more…)

RV Dealership: RV Rentals Trending Among American Travelers

At RV dealers in St. Louis area, more motorhome and camping enthusiasts are opting for an RV rental this summer in…St. Louis.

RV dealers in St. louis area

Vacationers pose for a Facebook photo by StLRV, the most preferred RV dealers in St. louis area
Facebook pages

As major airlines add on additional fees and travel surcharges, St. Louis RV is seeing an uptick in rental reservations.

Even as Amtrak tries to entice vacationers with a 30 percent discount in September, families prefer the autonomy of an RV rental.

PFK consulting reports that an RV rental saves a family of four as much as 70 percent in travel expenses, versus the family, who books a flight, rents an automobile and reserves hotel accommodations.

On certain Facebook pages,  RV dealers in St. Louis area, RV rentals appear to be a popular trend among American families.

Over the last two months, dozens upon dozens of (more…)

Sales Alert: Toy Hauler RVs on Sale at St. Louis RV

St. Louis RV dealership, currently features more brand new toy hauler RVs than its used inventory. For the consumer, shopping for value or simply an affordable toy hauler price (below the manufacturer suggested retail price, MSRP , there are plenty of toy hauler RVs to road test at St. Louis RV).

 toyhauler RVs

At, toyhauler RVs are specially priced for road warriors.

What defines a travel trailer  - toy hauler RV?
A travel trailer toyhauler is another term for a  cargo-hauling ramped RV. The Heartland brand of toy trailers has a ramp to drive other “toys” in the rear.

What types of toy hauler RVs does Heartland produce?
Torque, Road Warrior and Cyclone are the most popular toy haulers RVs models produced by Heartland.

What should an RV buyer consider when shopping for an toy hauler on sale?
Second to a toy hauler RV’s sleeping capacity, consumers may consider comparing wall construction, weight in pounds length and slide rooms.

When customers shop at St Louis RV for a new or used motorhome, toyhauler RV or pop up camper, be sure to inquire about the construction material. Some models are built with wood framing and aluminum siding or aluminum framing with a fiberglass skin.

Are there any clubs for toy hauler RV owners to join?
Many toyhauler RV owners belong to the Heartland Owner’s Club.  

St. Louis RV dealership

Toyhauler RVs at St. Louis RV dealership arrive equipped with a garage and ramp.

Are there any underlying advantages to buying a toy hauler RV at St. Louis RV?
Currently, St Louis RV provides consumers with three basic customer guarantees: an in-service orientation, hassle free financing, extended warranties.

Preview the inventory > <

Does St. Louis Rv sell new and used vehicle to RV buyers?
Yes, the preferred St. Louis dealership inventories both new and used RVs.


Does St Louis RV sell toy hauler RVs to consumers who are are from another state?
“Absolutely, when RV buyers fly in, we’ll send a driver to pick you from Lambert – St. Louis International Airport. Whether you plan to drive a new or used toy hauler RV home or have it shipped, we provide  our customers with a completely satisfying buying experience.

For the most affordably priced toyhauler RVs in Missouri, please dial 314.743-3939.

5 Things to Know About Mapping a Road Trip to NASCAR

St. Louis RV Dealer Details NASCAR RV Trip News

NASCAR travek news

Photo Courtesy: NASCAR’s Daytona International Speedway

“NASCAR fans, start your RV engines…With a little more than 40 NASCAR races left this year, there’s still time to rent or buy an RV, and plan a road trip,” says a sales representative at St Louis RV.

If you’ve ever been to a NASCAR race, then you may know that hotels don’t allow for the fanfare found at most GECKO campsites. Motorhomes, fifth wheels, and toy hauler RVs give NASCAR race fans the freedom to travel on their own terms.

  • Reservations for campsites vary by location and utility needs. For instance, the rate for camp sites, facing the Chicago Motor Speedway track with electricity is $250 a night; while, a non trackside and non-electrical site costs $75 per night night.
  • Many campsites at NASCAR separate the tent camping from the RVs.

NASCAR Alert Notifications
“”Always check  NASCAR’s Twitter or Facebook feed for traffic updates, parking notifications and any other last minute travel details. Also, NASCAR features five different mobile applications to keep fans apprised of track, race car drive and other related information.

Did you know? If you’re… (more…)