7-Top Summer Travel Apps | Missouri

  • Several mobile apps are bound to ease your RV summer travel plans. The following apps are compatible with iTunes and Android.
RV apps for travel

StLRV.net is the preferred resource for everything RVs.


Saint Louis Mobile App

The Explore St. Louis mobile app simplifies planning travel and stay around Saint Louis City. Gateway City’s free app accommodates  locales, tourists and those traveling by RV. App subscribers access popular restaurants and browse local events, discover unique attractions, retailers and more.

Critical updates in Missouri

Access news about the places you’re visiting in and near Missouri. This free mobile app submits local safety information, community updates, critical alerts and more.

  • http://appriss.com/mobilepatrol.html

Hunting + Fishing in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Conservation application locates the best places to fish; where to hunt; permit details,  season regulations and more.

  • http://mdc.mo.gov/mobile/mobile-apps

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MODoT) enables RVers and other travel warriors to map their route. The state sponsored application features the latest road conditions, construction zones and other travel information.

Skirt Traffic Tickets

NoMODUI notifies motorists of red light cameras, speed traps and DWI checkpoints. End-users can also report any checkpoints or speed traps. The NoMoDUI also doubles as a security feature, recording encounters with  patrolmen.

“RV state laws vary. Before you hit the road, familiarize yourself with your various destinations’ statutes,” offers the general manager of a Saint Louis RV dealer.

St. Charles, MO Mobile App

St. Charles hosts its own mobile application. The Missouri application enables citizens, local officials and others stay abreast of the latest alerts and events in St. Charles.

  • http://www.stcharlescitymo.gov

Downtown Clayton Mobile App.

What’s happening around Clayton? The Missouri city offers a free mobile application, featuring popular restaurants, attractions and other information related to Clayton MO.

  • http://www.claytonmo.gov/Business/Downtown_Clayton_Mobile_App.htm

Trip Planning + Fuel Calculator RV Apps

  • Among recreational vehicle owners, Allstay’s RV app comes highly recommended. RVers access camp and park reviews, photos, parking locators, free wi-fi-spots, and a wealth of other information. (Unlike the other RV apps (in this list) this one includes a nominal download fee.
  • Use the fuelCostCalculator.AAA.com app to estimate your RV’s fuel costs for your next trip.
  • TripTik Travel Planner saves travelers time, and money. This travel RV app by AAA.com maps itineraries; estimates  fuel costs; and offers discounts.
  • Compare some 25,000 camps RVs  with RVParky.com. This RV app includes photos, and reviews.

What are your favorite RV apps do you travel by?

(*As with any RV app, read the privacy and terms of service before downloading).


Deconstructing Three Winnebago 5th Wheel Trailers

Most RV customers are unaware that Winnebago also manufactures a fifth wheel. The company, renowned for manufacturing impeccable motor homes, has not one, but three different fifth wheel models in production. Each Winnebago 5th wheel trailer model is currently available with customized features.

St. Louis RV Dealer Reviews Winnebago Fifth Wheel RVs

Winnebago 5th Wheel trailer

Photo Courtesy of Winnebago Industries.



St. Louis RV is an authorized dealer of Winnebago fifth wheel RVs and trailers.

Winnebago Fifth Wheel Trailer Pricing

Winnebago Industries has priced its various sized, fifth wheels under $91 K.

Deconstructing Winnebago’s trio of fifth wheel trailers, each has distinctive and similar qualities.

Compared to the pricing of a Class A motor home, Winnebago’s fifth wheel RVs (more…)

How RV Traffic Laws Vary By State

RV dealer in Saint  Louis

“RV traffic state laws vary, by state, know the rules of the road wherever you drive to,” advises RV dealers in St. Louis

“Anyone, who plans to buy an motorized home, should familiarize themselves with RV traffic laws of owning and operating one,” says a spokesperson at a top selling RV dealership in O’Fallon MO (outside of Saint Louis).

RV Seat Belt Law Requirements

Are seat belts required in an RV? Are the driving laws of fifth wheels, travel trailers and Class A motorized vehicles the same in every state? Is it legal to carry a gun in an RV? Are the weight and height R traffic laws the same across the US? StLRV.net on of the most reputable RV dealers in St. Louisa area.

Recreational Vehicle Height and Weight Laws

The state of California requires that motorists, driving any non-commercial RV trailer over the length of 40 -feet–hold a current commercial class B license.

For the most current motorized recreational vehicle laws,
visit the website of each respective state you plan to visit.

Municipal roadways, across the U.S., observe different Gross Vehicle Weight (more…)

8-Ideas for St. Louis Cardinals Fans to Enjoy this Season

St. Louis Cardinals fans have some 140+game days to watch, tailgate and pine for another chance at the World Series.

Since losing NFL team, the St. Louis Rams, fans are ready to find solace in the Cards.

RV St. Louis

Saint Louis Cardinals season bats a good baseball season.

As the St. Louis Cardinals season bats off at Busch Stadium, a popular St. Louis RV dealership offers up a few ways to enjoy this baseball season.

  • Plan ahead.

Take a vacation day before, during and after the game.

Where is the Saint Louis Cardinals’ Busch Stadium?

Busch Stadium | 700 Clark Street | St. Louis, MO 63102

“Whatever you do, don’t call in sick; and then post a Facebook update of you celebrating a home run,” says an employee at St. Louis RV dealership.

Pamper yourself with new  (more…)

Best Bus + RV Dealers in St. Louis Fact Sheet

RV dealers in St. Louis don’t always inventory the same quality of RVs. However, at StLRV.net the RV dealership takes their service to another level, offering years of experience, an extensive inventory and customer satisfaction. RV dealers in St. Louis

Years in operation: Since its merger with Carpenter Bus Sales,  St. Louis RV & Bus has been serving the transportation industry of Missouri for more than 50-years.

Customer service brand: Compared to other RV dealers in St. Louis, StLRV.net upholds a commitment to THIS (Trust, Honesty, Integrity and Service).

Aliases: StLRV.net is also renowned as ‘America’s #1 church bus dealer’.

Saint Louis RV specialty: Among the RV dealers in St. Louis, STLRV.net sells new and preowned Class A and C motorhomes, travel trailers. pop up campers, fifth wheels, Mercedes-Benz passenger vans, commercial trucks and other recreational vehicles.

A spokesperson at the RV dealership reports, “Our new and pre-owned inventory consists of motor homes, travel trailers and fifth wheels, produced by the following RV makers:

    Trail Runner

An authorized RV dealership: StLRV.net represents the top selling RV manufacturers in America. Winnebago,  Newmar,  (more…)

RV Dealership Reviews Top Manufacturers A – F

St. Louis RV and Bus is renowned in Saint Louis County for selling quality recreational vehicles. The inventory includes Class A and C motor homes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, pop up campers and other RVs.

“We’ve compiled a short overview of the leading RV manufacturers, from A – F. We always have a wide range of these recreational vehicles, including Airstream, Fleetwood, and Forest River,” says the general manager at the Saint Louis RV dealership.

rv dealership

Cyclone, recreational vehicles on sale, under $90 K.

Specialty: Travel trailers.
Founder: Wally Byam
Year of Inception: 1931
RV Overview + Notes:   The Airstream travel trailer chronicles a period in American history when trans-territorial trips were a new phenomena. The AirStream travel trailer design was inspired by founder Wally Byam’s imagination to create an RV that moves ” like a stream of air.” Mr. Wyam’s RV concept lives on today in the same, durable RV construction.

Compare new and previously owned RV models at St. Louis RV.net

Specialty: Class A and Class C recreational vehicles
Headquarters:  Decatur, Indiana
RV Overview + Notes:  
Fleetwood RV, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Class A and Class C recreational vehicles. The  RV company (more…)

Spring Break on the Cheap and Minus Airline Baggage

RV Dealer Serving O’Fallon Talks Travel without the Hassle

Commercial air travel boards numerous drawbacks. From pricey airline tickets, long security lines to luggage limitations, airline carriers provide a catalog travel headaches.

An RV dealer serving O’Fallon, reveals how to travel over spring break, minus the baggage and cost.

The end of February to the last week of March marks spring break for grades schools, high schools and colleges across the U.S. While fuel prices have been suppressed. exorbitant air fares are deterring some would be travelers from vacationing far beyond Missouri around St. Louis County.

Save on Lodging
Apply hotel discounts offered through loyalty programs, advanced reservation and other lodging deals. In news reports by NBC News and ABC network, flights have soared by nine percent
since the same period in 2015. The reports indicate that destinations, such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, (more…)

Which New + Used RVs for Sale Drive the Best Value?

Used RVs for sale at StLRV.net

Used RVs for sale at StLRV.net

Depending on the make, model, and mileage, some RVs for sale in St. Louis drive more value than others.  Bargain hunters discover motorhomes and RVs produced by the leading motor coach and travel trailer manufacturers at StLRV.net.

Used RVs for Sale St Louis

Many of the new and used RVs for sale at StLRV.net are priced under $90.

The Winnebago, Thor Motor Coach and 2008 Gulf Stream are among the new and used RVs in St. Louis for sale.

Top New and Used RVs for Sale under $90,000

Suffering from a lack of vacation time, a preowned 2008 Gulf Stream Independence  shows only 42,ooo on the odometer. The preowned  motor coach touts an impeccable  interior and exterior, minus the expense. On excursions, the Class A motor home accommodates a family of six. . Read more  details about the 2008 Gulf Stream Independence and why it stands apart from other RVs for sale at StLRV.net.

Fun Fact: St. Louis RV generally prices its previously owned inventory 20 to 30 percent below the retail price. Used RV prices hinge on age, mileage, interior and the exterior condition of the motor home.

2016 Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 29H takes up 30 feet of exterior space. Sleeping two to four occupants, this Class C RV boasts all the amenities of home in one flexible motor home. See the blueprint

Compare the prices of new motor homes to used RVs for sale, www.stlrv.net/inventory

St. Louis RV happens to be an authorized dealer of many luxury RVs, including the Winnebago.

A New, Class RV for sale in St. Louis

This  new Class C Winnebago View 24 G  provides a lifetime of affordable vacations (for under $90 K). Twenty-five feet houses a set of slide outs and one awning. On the road, the Class C motor home comfortably sleeps four travel companions.

Class C RV for Sale

Save on space, fuel and travel in this new Class C RV for sale.


Year: 2016 Make: Thor Motor Coach Model: OUTLAW $89,900.00

After You Buy an RV St. Louis, Travel to South Missouri

RV St. Louis

Seize control of your travel plans. Explore these new and used RV St. Louis.

It’s highly recommended to go on a short trip after buying a new motor home,” offers an consultant at an RV St. Louis dealership. Motor Coaches are under warranty for the first 90-days. By taking a short trip after  buying an RV new owners can have any problems resolved before the  90-day warranty expires.

St. Louis RV recommends three quick trips. situated south of the RV dealership.

The Standard RV Trip: The Ozarks

The road itinerary is simple. Head south of the R St. Louis dealer, StLRV.net onto Route 63. Several charming towns are dispersed along the way to the Ozarks National Park and scenic river ways.

Canoeing, kayaking and rafting float numerous river attractions in Lesterville and Eminence MO. Amid the Jack’s Fork River and Current River, a backdrop of cottages, RV parks and campsites accommodate picturesque lodging.

  • 200 N. Route 19 | Eminence MO 65466, 800-723-1387

Sedalia Then and Now

Stroll back in time, when (more…)

RV Dealer: Skyrocketing Airfares a Good Reason to Buy an RV

“Renting or buying an RV has never been more practical than it is today,” comments the owner of St. Louis RV.

buy an RV

More travelers prefer to buy an RV to vacation on their terms.

The cost to book a flight coupled with the unpleasant side effects of air travel is a motivating factors to buy an RV.

As fuel prices trickle downward, U.S. commercial airlines have not passed the savings onto travelers. In fact, United, Southwest and other major carriers plan to increase rates on round-trip flights.

FareCompare.com is showing air fare increases starting from (more…)