10-Facts About RV “Toad” + Towing Vehicles

RV toad towing St. Louis

St. Louis RV provides useful tips on RV toad, towing.

RV toad towing is a weighty issue. If you’re buying an RV with the plans of hauling a towed vehicle, here’s what to know about towing a  car or boat to a motor home.

Motor Home Slang – RV Jargon

“Toad” is a slang term. Used among RVers and motorhome owners, ‘toad’ refers  to  towed vehicles, such as an automobile, trailer or boat.

  • An RV’s towing capacity influences what kind of car or even boat your RV can tow.
  • A motor home’s capacity is measures in gross combination weight rating (GCWr).

The Weighty Issues of RV Toad Towing

Weight issues abound with a towed vehicle. When it comes to towing a car or boat to a motor home, excessive weight can cause an RV to lose control, causing an accident.

  • In the RV owner’s manual, manufacturers define the GCWR as  a total of all the contents, passengers and towing vehicle’s weight.
  • To ensure that a boat or car will not exceed the GVWr, (specified on the motor home certification label), use a farmer’s scale or go to a weigh station in Missouri to obtain an accurate measure.
  • On towing vehicles, weighing (more…)

Business Buses + Shuttle Rentals Ease Logistics in StLC

St. Louis bus and shuttle rentals

Map Courtesy of the ExploreStLouis.com.

Some professional businesses are resorting to motor home and shuttle rentals to solve everyday initiatives. St. Louis RV reveals why and how meeting planners, creative directors and show managers are using shuttle bus and RV rentals to expedite logistics and marketing in St. Louis.

Shuttle Rentals Transport Meeting Planners’ Guests Here + There

Since, St. Louis RV dealership launched its RV and shuttle rental division, small and large companies have been renting the company’s shuttle buses, and motorhomes  for special events. As businesses in St. Louis often rent a shuttle bus to transport employees to company outings and holiday celebrations, meeting planners have started to use shuttle bus rentals to ease the logistics involved in transporting guests here and there.

Meeting planners (more…)

RV Virtual Tours of the Top Class A MotorHome Floor Plans

These days, unless you’re about to put cash down on a motorized home, there’s no need to leave your home. Especially at new and used RV dealerships, such as StLRV, where most of the inventory is featured, online like an RV virtual tour.

St. Louis RV Dealership: Peek at these Class A Motorhome Floor Plans

Those in need of perfection and a budget of (more…)

Three RV Trip Ideas that Maybe More Exciting Than You Think

great RV trip ideas

Tailgating is easy with a well stocked kitchen. (INT of 2015 Forest River Cros)s.

There’s no written regulation, restricting travel by a motorhome to a campsite or RV park. Recreational vehicles empower travelers to set the rules and be in control of his and her on destination. From the RV trip for healthcare, sporting event to boondocking, here are some practical but great RV trip ideas and strategies to ensure a safe and exciting getaway.

Great RV Trips for Healthcare and Recuperation

How far would you travel for the best surgeon, dentist or other medical practitioner? The problem is most surgeons do not recommend patients boarding a flight after leaving the recovery room. A commercial aircraft poses a number of risks for someone traveling subsequent to a surgical procedure (i.e. blood clots, airborne contaminants and other side effects caused by air pressure changes).

Popular Medical Destinations

New Mexico is renowned as the (more…)

What to Know About RV Parts + Warranty Coverage

RV parts for sale

Stop by St. Louis RV to place an order, buy or snag a deal on certain RV parts for sale

“No mechanical service required’ is a misconception among  some motor home owners, carrying a warranty. But just as cars need a check up every so many miles, the same is true of an RV. A spokesperson of Saint Louis RV fields the most common questions pertaining to RV parts, repairs and warranty coverage.

DID YOU KNOW? Warranty coverage is generally offered for a limited time on new motorhome investments.

Are regular trips to a mechanic a basic care instructions for owning a motor home or RV?

Motorhome manufacturers outline the maintenance specifications in the owner manual. Overall, most RVs call for annual winterization, frequent visual tire inspections, wheel alignments and resealing exterior sealant.

What RV parts’ replacements are common on a Class A or Class C motorized vehicle?
A few of the most commonly replaced RV parts and supplies include  (more…)

The Art of the Romantic RV Getaways

romantic rv getaways

Romantic RV getaways began at StLRV.net, (the best RV dealer to buy or rent a motor home).

How to Plot Romantic RV Getaways

A twosome, a motorhome and the open road journey a romantic RV getaway. With all the conveniences available by motor home, more couples are enjoying the freedom of planning a last minute road trip.

Over the Valentine’s Day weeekend, St. Louis RV topped its monthly sales records, as lovers flocked in to buy or rent an RV.

“With the right partner, destination and amenities of a hotel suite, there’s a wealth of RV travel ideas for couples to explore.  Whether’ it’s  by motorhome, fifth wheel or a toy hauler, romantic RV getaways drive a modicum of adventure in both last minute and advance vacation planning.” admits a spokesperson of the RV dealership’s marketing department.

When selecting a destination for the romantic RV getaway, research adult’s only sites. Also, if you’re traveling without the pets, consider RV parks, where pets are not allowed.

For additional  ideas on romantic RV getaways, see this page:

Packing Wisdom for the Romantic RV Getaway

Unlike packing for an air flight or weekend jaunt, there’s an art to packing for romantic RV getaways.

  • Create a packing check list. Include everything from candles, chocolate covered strawberries to massage oil.
  • Create a romantic favorite’s list on your iPod and MP3 player.
  • To save space on board and minimize the packing list, select items.


Are These Class C Motorhome Floor Plans Owner Worthy?

Class C motor home for sale

This is one of the most coveted Class C motorhome plans at StLRV.Net. Test drive this Class C Motorhome for sale.

StLRV.net Features the Top Class C Motor Home Manufacturers

As featured in the photo this Class c motorhome floor
plans boasts space, a modicum of privacy and

Which Class  C motorhome manufacturers remain in production?

Over the last two decades, a handful of Class c motorhome manufactures continue to engineer excellence. Showcasing all the comforts of home, smartly packaged into 30 to 33 feet, RV buyers can select from numerous Class C motorhome floor plans.

The St. Louis RV dealership is renowned for selling the top class C motor home manufacturers. On any given day, RV deal seekers have an opportunity to road test Winnebago, Four Winds, Coachmen, Gulf Stream and other popular Class C motor home manufacturers a

class C motorhome floor plans

Class C motorhome plan of the 2009 Coachmen Leprechaun

The St. Louis dealership tries to  inventory  the best in  Class C motorhome manufacturers to provide our customers with the highest RV craftsmanship.

“We inventory a variety of Class C motorhome floor plans, new and used. W. At St Louis RV, we have good inventory of Class  C RVs for sale. From $29,000 to $100,000, prices vary from the least expensive to the high end  Class C RVs for sale,” announces an RV sales consultant.

This preowned 2009 Coachmen Leprechaun appears spacious with an

  • Interior Width : 96″
  • Interior Height : 6′ 6″
  • Exterior Length : 31′ 6″

Class C Motorhome Floor Plans by Winnebago

Between a 2014 Winnebago Aspect 30 4, the 2015 Winnebago View 24 G V6 and (more…)

St. Louis RV Dealers Top RVs For Sale Under 50000

RV under $50,000

2007 Winnebago Aspect The interior of this RUV under $50,000 fashions all all the comforts of home,.

These days, it’s merely impossible to buy a private vacation home for under $50,000 without paying property taxes, and/or an assessment. That’s why these mobile vacation homes afford an amazing deal.

Motorhome + RV for sale Under $50,000

The motorhome’s timeless Winnebago craftsmanship never expires. Take this 2007 Winnebago Aspect. With the exception of room service, the RV for under $50,000 accommodates with most of amenities of a hotel suite. This preowned, motorized Class C RV sleeps up to four people. Within its 29.11 foot quarters, there ls a shower, dinette  and entertainment center  and sufficient storage space. . With less than 12,000 miles, this used RV under 50,000 is ready for the open road.

RV under 50000

Schedule a test drive on new RVs Under 50000 and used RVs for sale under $50,000 at 314-743-3939.(SLRV.net),

2005 Four Winds Dutchman 29E
What more can one ask for in this 2005 Four Winds Dutchman 29E. Another classic RV priced under $50,000, doubling as a secondary home for vacationing. Suited for a family of four or less, Housing a  jack knife sofa sleeper,  queen-sized bed and one bunk, the capacity of the motorized C is smartly utilized.  The rest of the layout includes a full kitchen with three burners, a microwave and refrigerator.

2015 Liven Lite Quick Silver VRV
Hotel reservations are optional in this 2015 Liven Lite Quick Silver VRV. This toy hauler solves the challenges of working on the road at construction sites, trade shows, production locations and other out of town excursions. This new toy hauler houses a kitchen, living space and storage, while simultaneously, maintaining the family budget.

Motorhome under 50 K

2005 Class C Four Winds Dutchman 29E (Motorized Class C, RV Under 50K)

Compare RVs for sale under $50,000 to other new and used inventory at StLRV.net.  Be sure to bookmark  this page for http://www.StLRV.net/inventory toy haulers, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter,  Fifth Wheel,  shuttle buses, motor homes and brand new Winnebagos.

New Year, New Ride, New Life

RV dealer in St. Louis

This couple starts their 2015 with a new, purchased at one of the top RV dealers in St. Louis MO.

While some people start the year resolving to lose weight, exercise and be a better person, others are resigned to living well. For some people, good living is about a new ride or improved lifestyle. Investing in an RV symbolizes a ‘new beginning’ of easy adventure.

The RV Report: What’s Trending at RV dealers in St. Louis MO

“This year, at the height of the cold spell, we had RV buyers drive away in Class A motorhomes, toy trailers and shuttle buses,” marvels a salesman at an  RV dealership in St. Louis, StLRV.net,

Consumer Trends

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA)  reports that (more…)

QUIZ: To Rent or Own an RV

RV dealer in St. Louis MO

Compare inventory prices at RV dealers in St. Louis MO.

Select the statement that best represents your opinion or living scenario. Then, add up your responses to determine whether an RV rental or buying an RV is apt for your current lifestyle.

RV Rental Vs. Buying an RV (by Top-Rated RV Dealer in St. Louis MO)

1 My work schedule allows me to travel
A) All the time,
B) At least twice a year.
C) Infrequently.

2 When I travel, I prefer to
A) Be in control of my own schedule.
B) Be with my family or other group of friends.
C) Do little as possible.

3 As for my residence, I
A) Maintain a routine schedule for the furnace, AC and other household repairs.
B) Procrastinate until something is broken.
C) Don’t over think it.

St.LRV.net is one of the few RV dealers in St. Louis MO to rent and sell new and used motorhomes, RVs, and shuttle buses.

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